America’s Mining Industry: Dynamic, Complex And Ever-Evolving

Few industries across the American landscape are as complex and fast-changing as mining.

Indeed, we prominently cite to a single word on our law firm’s website to denote the essence of mining in Kentucky and nationally in the 21st century: turbulent.

Although some people not closely involved with mining might think immediately of coal and a small cadre of local operators and providers when they consider the industry, any such depiction is far from reality.

Yes, there are coal mines, which continue to be viable and profitable for smart entrepreneurs and seasoned mining professionals. Coal mining will remain part of the country’s energy mix for the foreseeable future.

Mining emcompasses far more than coal. Metals, stone, sand, clay, calcium carbonate and rare earth minerals are all mined in the United States.  Mining continues to thrive. For example, in 2017, a new gold mine was started in South Carolina, an exciting venture for the eastern United States.

As the economy continues to grow, so will mining with new laws and regulations at the local, state and federal level. The attorneys at Lexington-based Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC, know both the challenges and bracing opportunities that mark the industry.

Mining continues to be an important part of the American economy. We are proud to continue working for a diverse clientele in the industry. Collectively, our attorneys bring nearly a century of on-point experience and advocacy to bear on behalf of mining clients ranging from large corporations and multi-state operators to smaller enterprises and entities that provide valuable broad-based services.

Our attorneys always stand ready to discuss how we can assist valued clients with mining-related concerns spanning compliance with the Federal Mine Safety & Health Act of 1977 and other laws, training requirements, interactions with regulators, litigation matters and other concerns.

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