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COVID-19 Cases in the U.S.
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Not sure what information to follow when it comes to how many cases of COVID-19  there are throughout the world? Click here to learn more from John Hopkins University & Medicine

Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Research
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The Mayo Clinic is the leading site in the U.S. program to collect blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients to try to fight the virus in others. Click here to learn more.

U.S. Department of Labor Resources
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"The U.S. Department of Labor has resources to help workers and employers prepare for the COVID-19 virus (also known as novel coronavirus)." Click here to learn more.

Coronavirus Tax Relief & Economic Impact Payments
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Click here to learn more about the IRS' Tax Relief program and their economic impact payments.

MSHA Response to COVID-19
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"MSHA has received a high volume of questions regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and both mine operator actions and MSHA actions in response." Click here for more information for "operators and miners to minimize the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and actions MSHA is taking to do the same."

Telehealth's Response to Coronavirus
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Click here to learn more about Telehealth Services' response to COVID-19 and their virtual nurse system.

Business Resources for Coronavirus
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Click here to learn more about business resources from the Kentucky Chamber.

Advisory on Prescribing During Declaration of Emergency
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"In response to the recent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and subsequent declaration of State of Emergency by Governor Andy Beshear, the Board has received inquiries from licensees about prescribing controlled substances during this period." Read more HERE.

Tricia Shackelford gives her insights on PPE requirements, OSHA protections, and employee contracts to help give you the information to protect yourself & your job during the COVID crisis. Listen below.

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