OSHA: An Acronym Kentucky Employers Know Well

Kentucky businesses of all types focus closely on running a tight and profitable operation. Additionally, though, their owners are routinely concerned with workplace events that can spur liability issues and unexpected cash outflows. Any company’s most valuable resource is its people. Ensuring workplace safety makes not only business sense, but is the right thing to do.

We cite on our firm’s website the “headaches and runaway costs” that on-the-job injuries and illnesses can yield for virtually any enterprise in the state. At Lexington-based Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC, our deep legal team knows that businesses in every industry daily face health and safety challenges, and we help them effectively deal with them.

It’s hard to overstate how serious an adverse safety finding can be for a Kentucky business, or how often regulators step in with fines and other enforcement actions.

Kentucky is one of 26 states with its own state occupational safety and health plan. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s Occupational Safety and Health Program governs workplace safety in Kentucky through this OSHA-approved plan. Reportedly, Kentucky receives “the second-highest amount of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations per employer in the country.”

That means that regulators have a constant focus on the state’s workplaces. Businesses must have proactive strategies to minimize regulatory violations.

There is much that a proven law firm can do to assist businesses with compliance and worker safety. Among other things, we help our clients:

  • Understand how OSHA oversight affects their business
  • Develop tailored workplace policies and procedures
  • Implement plans for noting and responding to concerns
  • Prepare a strong response to any enforcement action

As we note on our website, “early invention is key” concerning any aspect of workplace health and safety. Proven legal counsel can contribute to an enhanced safety environment for any Kentucky employer.