Business & Commercial Law Services

We can handle representation of businesses on any issue that arises, from startup to day-to-day corporate governance.

When necessary, we represent clients in matters involving divestment and dissolution matters, along with resolving disputes that threaten to cost companies valuable time and financial resources.

We Will Help You With Any Business Need Or Dispute

We have represented Fortune 500 companies across the country as well as small, local companies here in Lexington, Kentucky, in all types of business matters and disputes, including:

  • Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, including noncompete and severance agreements
  • Expansion matters, including stock and asset purchases
  • Business formation and planning, including entity selection, partnership agreements, franchise agreements and supplier agreements
  • Real estate matters, including commercial leases and purchase agreements
  • Resolving shareholder disputes
  • Employment law counseling on discrimination, wage and hour and termination issues
  • Regulatory compliance and fiduciary duties

We always seek to avoid litigation to save our clients time and money and our team of attorneys has many years of experience in handling even the most complex of commercial legal disputes.

Nevertheless, we live in a litigious society. Our attorneys have tried numerous cases in state and federal courts. We have also litigated cases outside of Kentucky for many of our clients, including appearing before federal agencies. We also have experience handling appeals in Kentucky and several federal circuits.

Employment Law Services

The laws governing employment grow more complicated and confusing every day. That means avoidable mistakes can cost your business a great deal of time and money in costly litigation and settlements.

At Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, of Lexington, Kentucky, our business is helping you stay in business. We help businesses of all sizes navigate these laws in a time-sensitive and economical manner so they can focus on their work.

Experience In All Types Of Potential Employment Disputes

Our lawyers handle a wide variety of employment matters from pre-hire through termination and all issues in between. Our primary goal is to avoid litigation through sound human resource counseling. We guide our clients on a wide variety of matters, including issues involving

  • Hiring
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts and employee handbooks
  • Attendance and wage and hour policies
  • Performance reviews
  • Workplace injuries and safety investigations
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment claims, including compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and Kentucky Civil Rights Act
  • Termination and severance negotiation

We have extensive experience in using alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation and arbitration, to find effective solutions. If cases must go to litigation, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle your matter before any federal or state court or agency, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission and the Kentucky Mine Safety Review Commission.

Maintaining Workplace Safety & Health

For a business owner, one of your greatest sources of headaches and runaway costs can be a workplace accident or illness. While workers' compensation insurance may cover the employee's losses, you could face numerous citations through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In Kentucky, this is an especially widespread problem. Kentucky receives the second-highest amount of OSHA violations per employer in the country. At Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, our lawyers use their in-depth knowledge of federal and state workplace health and safety regulations and procedures to help you maintain a safe workplace, saving you time and money.

Our Attorneys Have The Background You Need

The lawyers at our firm have over 60 years of combined experience, including representing large, publicly traded corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses, in all types of legal matters. When it comes to workplace health and safety, we can:

  • Represent you in accident investigations
  • Contest OSHA enforcement actions and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Defend your business in civil litigation after workplace accidents
  • Advise and counsel your business on safety and health procedures

We have extensive experience protecting business owners' interests in front of federal and state agencies. We also have a long track record of success in federal and state trial and appellate courts.

Early Intervention Is Key. Call Our Lawyers Today.

Mine Safety & Health

The mining and energy industry has been a dominant part of our region for decades. Supporting the industry through representation of mineral and energy producers was one of the main reasons behind the founding of Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky, we represent operators throughout the United States, including Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Alabama, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Utah. Our clients include large publicly held corporations and regional operators, as well as small operators and industry service providers.

Experienced Lawyers Staying On Top Of A Changing Industry

There have been few times as turbulent as these in the mining industry's history. Many regulations and laws are changing, and new producers are entering the marketplace. Attorney John Williams has more than 30 years of experience working with the industry. Melanie Kilpatrick has devoted much of her legal career to representing the mining industry, as well.

Due to our experience, our attorneys have a unique understanding of all aspects of mining and mining regulations. We can assist your mine with:

  • Accident investigations and representing mining operations before federal and state administrative agencies like the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
  • Conducting on-site mine safety training for management and rank-and-file workers on compliance, preparing for inspections, addressing and mitigating violations and regulatory compliance
  • The details of the mining process, including ground control plans, ventilation plans, roof control plans, blast plans, dust control and reclamation
  • Civil litigation regarding property rights, permitting, broker agreements, mineral rights, coal supply agreements, contractor disputes and injury and wrongful death claims

While we started as a firm representing coal companies, we have broadened our reach over the years, using our knowledge of the mining industry and federal and state regulatory regimes to also represent metal/nonmetal mines in all of the same ways we serve coal mines.

Construction Law Services


Large construction projects are fraught with potential pitfalls that can cost numerous parties and businesses unnecessary time delays and money. Knowing where those issues can arise ahead of time can help you avoid these problems, keeping projects on time and on budget.

At the Lexington, Kentucky-based law firm of Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, our attorneys have experience handling a wide variety of issues that affect contractors and design professionals in today's complex world. We have represented owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, insurance carriers, government agencies and homeowners on many different types of projects and issues.

Proven Litigators And Problem Solvers

Our firm counts among its partners a licensed professional engineer and other experienced attorneys in this area of law. Our attorneys understand the complex issues involved in the design and construction process.

We have handled issues ranging from:

  • Workplace safety and health investigations
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Mechanic's and materialman's liens
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Contract disputes
  • Professional liability
  • Prevailing wage

We understand that deadlines are critical in the construction industry and can affect your bottom line. That is why we pride ourselves in delivering legal solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Although we always seek to avoid long and protracted litigation through value-added pretrial resolutions, our construction attorneys have the understanding and ability to see your case through trial and appeal.

Representing Education & Religious Institutions


While churches and schools serve important functions in our communities, many people do not think about the hard work that goes into running them and helping them grow. In many ways, these institutions have to run like businesses.

At Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, our attorneys combine their decades of experience serving small-, medium- and large-sized businesses with our firm's commitment to helping churches and schools thrive here in Lexington and throughout Kentucky.

Resolving Any Legal Needs That You Face

While no one wants to think about a costly dispute affecting a church or school's ability to fulfill its mission, it is a reality. Our attorneys have experience in serving as outside counsel and providing litigation representation in matters involving:

  • Real estate purchases, including negotiating leases and completing buy/sell agreements
  • Employment law counseling, including discrimination, sexual harassment and hiring policies
  • Contract negotiation, drafting and review
  • Financing, including renegotiating loans
  • School discipline and bullying
  • Civil rights disputes

When disputes arise, our lawyers are skilled at first attempting to find a discrete, out-of-court resolution that will protect your institution's interests, reputation, time and finances. When necessary, our attorneys have successfully handled trial and appellate cases in both federal and commonwealth courts.

Talk to Our Lawyers Today

At Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, we focus on providing every client with the quality of large law firm representation for a fraction of the price without having to sacrifice access to our experienced partners. To learn more about how you can benefit from the combined experience and skills of our attorneys, contact us online or by calling our office in Lexington at 859-245-1059.