Maintaining Workplace Safety & Health

For a business owner, one of your greatest sources of headaches and runaway costs can be a workplace accident or illness. While workers' compensation insurance may cover the employee's losses, you could face numerous citations through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In Kentucky, this is an especially widespread problem. Kentucky receives the second-highest amount of OSHA violations per employer in the country. At Williams Kilpatrick, PLLC, our lawyers use their in-depth knowledge of federal and state workplace health and safety regulations and procedures to help you maintain a safe workplace, saving you time and money.

Our Attorneys Have The Background You Need

The lawyers at our firm have over 60 years of combined experience, including representing large, publicly traded corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses, in all types of legal matters. When it comes to workplace health and safety, we can:

  • Represent you in accident investigations
  • Contest OSHA enforcement actions and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Defend your business in civil litigation after workplace accidents
  • Advise and counsel your business on safety and health procedures

We have extensive experience protecting business owners' interests in front of federal and state agencies. We also have a long track record of success in federal and state trial and appellate courts.

Early Intervention Is Key. Call Our Lawyers Today.

How can we help?

Contact one of our Attorneys by visiting our About page to schedule a consultation. Not sure where to start? Feel free to call our firm directly at 859-245-1059 or email our Office Administrator at [email protected].


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